The italian room: what people say about italian Hotels and B&B.

Hi! This is a short selection of funny and peculiar reviews from Tripadvisor concerning foreign tourists and their adventures in Italian hotels and B&B! Enjoy it!

Per tutti gli utenti italiani consiglio di fare un salto qui per rendersi invece conto di cosa noi siamo capaci di scrivere in rete rispetto ai nostri viaggi!

Buona lettura!

Talking hands

Marco (owner) received us with a big smile and fluent English (At the same time speaking Italian with his hands)
(Boris – Unknown)

The magician

I complained to the night manager, he shrugged his shoulders and lost his ability to speak English.

(mumshoppingforme – Australia)

Italian gamers

Parking on Novara Course is quite good, dont afraid to leave a key in a parking – they playing tetris ( a lot of clients).

(Tresker – Russia)

 Find the difference

Smiling man in the brochure is an unsmiling, unhelpful, and rude grouch.

(Purplepul – USA)

Do not disturb the night porter!

i got beat up here by the night porter from thehotel Giorgina because i asked about the broken vending machines

(123456789t – Ireland)

How to impress a yankee

The news got broadcast on the local TV !!!

(Apamoniac – USA)

Sins or Sons? Maybe the lapsus of the year…

I’ve stayed in Naples before (for my sins)

(inquestescarpe – U.K.)

Fight club

The room had a hole punched in the door the room next to us people were fighting

(Bleu01 – USA)


To top it off, we came back from dinner to find a dirty big cockroach sitting on my flip flops!!

(Najemu – Spain)

Ordinary racism

Nevertheless, like anywhere in Europe, watch out for the Gypsies

(Worklifenotbalanced – China)

“What did I do?”

The middle age frontman showed uncomfotable face toward me every moring, I said Buongiorno to him, I had never got replies. He smiles at Caucasian guests. What did I do?

(Naoto Takahashi – Japan)

The gun

We nealry got pick pocketed on a tram which was a terrifying experience and when my then Fiance explained to the guy on the Reception desk he said this was normal and asked my Fiance if he would like to borrow his GUN!

(Ikelly-15 – Unknown)

“Lavali col fuoco”

I wiah mount Vesuvius would erupt and cover this hotel once and forever!!

(Illir H – U.K.)


if only speaking Italian is considered “multilingual” I’d like to see which dictionary they find that in.


Buon APPetito

I went downstairs to the desk and asked for a towel using google translator. Nice app. He gave me a table cloth to use.

(bkadams88 – USA)

A short novel by Meghan

The shower ende up leaking all over the bathroom and rushing out through the door, creating a waterfall effect.

(Meghan D – Ireland)


I advise being drunk most of the time you are in ur room as we were or it will not be tolerable!!!

(MancLad99 – U.K.)

Famous Rome’s fountains

The shower was a serious of undirected single spurts of water coming out at different directions!

(Jinisu – China)

Too much TV

the lady pushes me from the desk. She started screaming “Amanda Knox” and said she was calling the police.

(Megan D – USA)

Happy meal

we enjoyed an Italian restaurant down the street ran by a Chinese family, highly recommend the ‘happy coffee’.

(Vegiemite – Australia)

“Lo zio d’America”

Both Edo and Celia made us feel like we were at home – I felt like I was their cousin from America

(Tennesseetraveller62 – USA)

Red star

The room looked horrible (…) It felt like we had come to a Sovjet Young Communist Summer camp…

(Reisitibi – Sweden)

The ethnologist

you can hear every noise from corridor and from next room (sometimes the special “noise” of Italian women in action).

(Boggyp – Poland)

His wife

Finally the Lifestyle Manager appeared in person and she went with my wife to several Rooms until they finally found one which was cold but not quite as bad.

(Wolfgand1000 – South Africa)


I soon felt like I had a “friend” I could call with any issue I had.

(Nitzantaganski – USA)

C.S.I addicted people

Fluorescent lighting which made you feel that something bad was going to happen sometime soon

(TomatoVodka – USA)

The entomologist

I found two species of insects below my pillow. They must have been inside the bed. One very small (< 1mm), red moving dots, and a bigger one (about 6mm). I caught the bigger one and showed it to the reception.

(Leonard J – Swiss)

The most clean lizard in the world

When taking a shower, a animal/lizard of sorts, came out of the plug hole had a shower with me, and then went back down the hole

(Joe2412 – U.K.)